Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven
Pianista clásico y jazz, compositor, improvisador

Neven on a rhythmic charge

If you have visited the “Paul Klee, Theater of life” exhibition, you will have discovered a mechanical piano which executes the Twelve Notations of Pierre Boulez, the french composer who walks along this path dedicated to the swiss painter.
A belgian pianist is hiding behind this recording, Jean- Philippe Collard-Neven, to whom Ars Musica gives the floor on saturday night.
Our fellow countryman has, it has to be said, made a name for himself overnight...composed (so as to not be mistaken with his french homonym Jean-Philippe Collard). Our man does not have cold feet and relishes performing on the frontiers of musical genres. Thus we have heard him burden himself with jazz in the company of the double-bass player Jean-Louis Rassinfosse.
Jean-Luc Deschamps has written for him “Back to the voice”, a tribute to the melody he has just recorded.
Today, the composer recalls being part of the adventure of the “Bureau des pianistes”' and is taken by the wish to measure himself up with rhythm and repetition. The result ? A solo piece for piano” Back to the pulse” which is a tribute to rhythm: “ In order to establish a connection between rock's clear pulsation and the complexity of the accumulations inherent to repetitions”.
This piece comes to take its natural place in the program dedicated to american music with the pioneer Canon Nancarrow's Two Canons for Ursula, John Adam's China Gates and Phrygian Gates and New York Counterpoint from the inescapable Steve Reich.
“ For me, says Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven, it's a way of putting aside my adolescent culture, made of chanson, jazz and rock in order to become impregnated with classical composers who achieve an harmonious transfer at the very heart of pulsation with a nearly hypnotic power.”
Serge Martin

Récital mis en lumière, Flagey, Studio 4, saturday from 19 to 20.30
Fafchamps: “Back to the voice”, “Bryce”, “Z for alto, piano and live electroic”, “the disorders of Herr Zebius”; Collard-Neven, Charlier, Royer, Quator Danel (Fuga libera)