Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven
Klassiek en jazzpianist, componist, improvisator

Ars Musica

Recital of Jean Philippe Collard-Neven at the Pathé Palace

A Saturday at the Palace

High attendance level at the Pathé Palace, last saturday, for the recital of Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven : The pianist (who had received a carte blanche) was presenting three “classic” pieces of high virtuosity, written between 1952 and 1977 and given backwards in time. We shall not therefore speak of novelties, but surely of discoveries... The program, as demanding for the pianist as it was gratifying for the audience, opened with Luigi Nono's piece for piano and magnetic tape “...soferte onde serene...” (1976), which I followed (fatal delay) with an ear glued to the door, alas, and all the more considering that the work is built on the confrontation between a recording and the live piano; it was therefore impossible to extract a conclusion from an impaired listening... The two – athletic- pieces which followed are not without correspondences: “ Shiraz” (1977) by the Canadian Claude Vivier and Giacinto Scelsi's suite n 8, “ Bot-Ba” (Tibet), (1952), share indeed a similar taste for power, movement and lyrical (modal...), bathing within a language in which pure resonance (it was also the case in Nono's piece) and rhythmic superpositions assume leading roles. Although Collard-Neven has showcased astounding concentration and virtuosity – with a marked Brendelian way of musing over the music...- he has occasionally lacked the ease which would have allowed the resonances as well as the music to take flight into the heights ( meaning the Himalaya...)