Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven
Classical and jazz pianist, composer, improviser
Jean-Louis Rassinfosse, double bass
Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven, piano/Fender Rhodes/Collardophone
Fabrice Alleman, saxophone/clarinet
Xavier Desandre-Navarre, percussions

Born on the occasion of a carte blanche at the Gaume Jazz Festival 2008, in the midst of the enthousiasm triggered the previous year by the Rassinfosse/Collard-Neven duo, this project takes off by being produced the following April at the Espace Senghor (Brussels) during its creation, and then at the Liège Festival, where it met with great success. After a maturation of the repertoire and a few concerts in the Fall of 2009 (Music Village, CC of Saint-Ghislain…) on January 5th 2010, the quartet went for six intense days into a reccording studio at the Fattoria Musica, in Germany’s snow covered Onasbrück. The result was 10 music pieces, 7 of which by Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven, 2 by Fabrice Alleman and 1 by Xavier Dessandre-Navarre.


Regarde  (live Gaume Jazz Festival 2008)

Ame à vague (live à l'Espace Senghor, Bruxelles, 22 avril 2009)

Passeur d'étoile (live à l'Espace Senghor, Bruxelles, 22 avril 2009)

Leaderless Quartet, this band is no one´s, or else precisely a sort of Rassinfosse/Collard-Neven/Alleman/Desandre-Navarre Quartet, but that sounded a bit long. Just as the Rassinfosse/Collard-Neven duo of which it is a more orchestral extension, this band brings together a diversity of experiences and cultures.Between classic (de)formation, chamber jazz, tribal rhythms and harmonies oscillating between Scriabin and Pat Metheny, the chaconnes start curiously to resemble jazz ballads. The earthly and ever melodious basses of Rassinfosse, Alleman and this soulful song which goes straight to the heart, the feline and delicate touch of Collard-Neven, the solar and charismatic energy of Desandre-Navarre, carry us on a journey as we move through the compositions of Collard-Neven and Alleman into a world of luminous light and shade textures, melodic tenderness, joyful melancholy and exultant explosions.