Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven
Classical and jazz pianist, composer, improviser

"This marvellous piano-doublebass duo flows from an alchemy of righteousness. Rarely has such cohesion been achieved, except by the great classical masters of the field: Duke Ellington and Jimmy Blanton, Bill Evans et Scott LaFaro. The play of parallels leads to a work of incomparable depth, born in an atmosphere of inner contemplation.” 12/03/2008 Marc Danval, Le Soir Magazine

“...Whereas the playing of Collard-Neven is nothing but subtlety, the unswerving rhytmic basis and the heartwarming sound of Rassinfosse’s doublebass give it an incredibly reassuring almost physical presence. In a nutshell, one feels good when listening to this music, and that is something”

“They had recorded “Regency’s Nights” in the fall of 2006, here they are – the veteran jazzman and the classical defector- in a second even more atypical album, reaching farther afield into each musician’s core and relying all the more on friendship’s intuitions in order to create a common musical language.(...)
** La Libre Belgique

“The encounter between a doublebass jazz player and a classical pianist produces gems. This second harvest draws attention to Collard-Neven’s talent as a composer and tightens the duo’s bonds with its classical influences (...) Elegance, tenderness and smiles bring sparks into this intimate dialogue.”
*** Le Soir


Three o'clock in the morning, the main hall of the conservatory is empty but bulging with microphones... All of sudden, a note breaks the oppressive silence... it comes from the huge black vessel opposite me, it is pur and crystalline, it invites me to follow, to complete it with other notes and my fingers start flying... Once again the magic works and I know why the dialogue starts up so easily and why I am sharing it with the man who produced that note, over there, at the very end of that interminable piano. It is this gentleness, this touch that ranges from skimming to fiery passion, this precision in both intention and musical gesture, this fresh, novel approach that finds an echo in me, that enables me to explore space and rediscover the alchemy of blending. This austere, angular, black piece of furniture, with its repeated mechanisms of such precision, snuggles up to this great lump of ebony and maple, and the conversation in sound strikes up between us through our instruments, and our music flows peacefully as from a fresh, inexhaustible spring. Silence, the indispensable partner of our musical exchanges, of these wonder-struck jousts it patiently waiting to cover up our final vibrations... Thank you, Jean-Philippe
, for these sparkling exchanges.

Jean-Louis Rassinfosse

The first notes I playede with Jean-Louis could have been the last: I was so intimidated to have next to me a grand gentleman of jazzz... And yet, I very quickly felt that we were about to live a great adventure. I had just escorted him back to the door when, within an hour, I composed the piece Merci: "merci" or "thank you" for thoses rare moments of spiritual and musical coming together. When we are on stage he is ther, by my side, like an oak, unmovable, he connects me to the source that is deepest within me and silently invites me to give of my best.

Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven


Two cd's on FUGA LIBERA label
Worldwide distribution

Regency's Nights (FUG 602)   Second Move (FUG 605)
Merci (C-Neven)
Regarde (C-Neven)
My Romance (Rodgers/Hart)
Ducky (C-Neven)
Song for my father (C-Neven)
Brahms, sonate n°1 pour clarinette op.120
(2e mvt)


Spider hands and ferret eyes, the tense posture of chronic raptus, a half-sitting half-floating position, the tendon on the qui vive, the ischia drilled, the breath held back even in the tiniest little wailing sounds stifled like so many battered synapses, here they are, two princes of sound, a duet of musical magi bringing into being that which before Them was not to be heard. It is because they are what they are and do what we hear that music is the art of all arts for propagating sensuality and delight, thrusting instantaneous roots into the very depths of each and every one of us. Fantastic inventors of what is passed over within the audible. Merlin-like magicians of what in sound is unheard of, sorcerers of sublimely indecent nocturnes, masked by the improbable, here they are, for a quick snapshot, jumping onto the tempo track, leaping virtuosos of their compositions, creating positions that are carried, bar by bar, on surging glissandos with gently devilish rhythms, masterly, giving to us without ever assuaging our thirst for airs. Nothing that has to do with strings escapes them or rather everything escapes from them by the grace of the gods who empty the world’s net of the insipid tunes from before Them and invigorate their own with light and shade, given as they are to all the globe. Here are four hands, four eyes and four hearts at least that, beating wildly, are not content with sighing to be reborn and let us hear the dream of no longer listening to the world other than through Them.

Pietro Pizzuti
Brussels, 21 JUNE 2007

Regarde (C-Neven)
Prelude op.11 n°4 (Scriabin)
Merci (C-Neven)